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The majority of my business comes from word of mouth.” Does this ring a bell? If you operate a small company, you’ve undoubtedly spoken those words at least once. And that’s fantastic! The power of word of mouth is incredible. Is that the case? This article will go through how word of mouth may work against you and what you can do to avoid it.

The power of word of mouth is enormous. True, but it has a tremendous effect in both directions. It can increase your business while also causing you to lose a significant amount of it. It’s critical to ensure that you provide a high-quality product and service.

Then, when you do make a mistake, which is sure to happen, you’ll be aware that you’ve made a mistake and that someone is upset, and you’ll be able to correct it. Fixing it usually results in a lifelong admirer. People who will inform others about how you solved the problem. Isn’t it true that they’ll promote your goods and services for you?

What are the Negative Consequences of Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

Word-of-mouth has several advantages and is an important component of any marketing approach. However, it does have certain drawbacks, which is why it is typically used in combination with other initiatives.

Here are a handful of the most prevalent disadvantages:

#1. It is possible that it will take a long period.

The correct message at the right place at the right time is required for successful marketing. While word-of-mouth marketing may provide the “right message” at the “right place,” the timing isn’t always ideal.

#2. It restricts your options

How many satisfied customers do you already have? How many of those consumers would be willing to provide a review of your product or service or tell their friends about your company’s success? And how many of those word-of-mouth marketing encounters will result in new customers for your business? And how many of those leads will go on to become customers?

While it’s almost impossible to achieve a conversion rate of 100 percent with any marketing strategy, word-of-mouth marketing is particularly difficult. You’ll always be limited by the number of happy consumers ready to spread the word about your product.

#3. It has the potential to propagate false information

Even the mere mention of the phrase “bad internet reviews” may cause some company owners to have a panic attack. While everyone wants more positive feedback, no one likes to deal with negative feedback. The only thing worse than a negative review is one that is untruthful. Word-of-mouth marketing may lead to the dissemination of erroneous information that is at best misleading and at worst harmful to one’s image. Of course, you may reply to negative reviews, report erroneous or objectionable information, and try to improve your reputation in other ways. However, if you depend completely on word-of-mouth marketing and anything goes wrong, you’ll be in trouble.

#4. It isn’t aimed at anybody in particular

A favorable review may become semi-viral, resulting in a flood of inbound traffic from highly qualified purchasers, or it could fall flat. A suggestion may be shared with a network of individuals in completely different roles or industries than your target buyers, or it could be shared with a network of people in completely different roles or industries than your ideal buyers. There’s no way of knowing for sure.

While word-of-mouth marketing may help promote your brand name, you have little control over where it’s shared and who hears it. Unqualified leads and long periods of radio silence are occasionally the outcomes of this.

#5. It is tough to quantify.

Analytics may generally be used to determine the efficacy of online reviews and suggestions. Many third-party review sites provide companies with access to an internal dashboard, and even if they don’t, you can use your marketing automation software to examine your referral sources to see what’s generating traffic and leads.

When it comes to measuring offline word-of-mouth marketing, though, it’s almost hard to do so. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to be everywhere where everyone is talking about you.

The question here is, are you winning only depending on word of mouth for your business? No, you are not winning! Marketing, on the other hand, is one of the excellent strategies to grow your business. As through marketing, many people will know about your products or services and will purchase your products based solely on their experience and not on other people’s views, which can be changed in different situations.

Source – Joseph Santos

Reasons to Use Marketing For Your Business

#1. Marketing fosters brand loyalty- by allowing businesses to target their clients and establish a long-term relationship with them. It gives the customer a feeling of familiarity and trust, ensuring that they stick with your company. With the help of marketing, you can target your target audience with pictures, phrases, and values that persuade people to remain loyal to your company.

#2. Marketing promotes customer traffic– After seeing an advertisement, many people are more inclined to visit a firm. For you, more customers equal more sales and more business. Advertisers that maintained or boosted advertising during a five-year period saw their sales climb by an average of 100 percent, while those who eliminated advertising grew at less than half the pace of those who promoted consistently, according to a study of more than 3,000 companies.

#3. Marketing projects a clear picture of your organization- Marketing helps you tell your customers and rivals, indicating that you are available for business. Regardless of the economy or competition, dynamic and attractive advertising may draw customers to your firm.

#4. New customers are attracted by marketing –  since the market is continuously changing and new consumers are migrating into and out of your location. Your adverts will reach a new target demographic as a result of new customers. Consumers who are fresh to the market will notice that your firm is top-of-the-line and the one they want to visit.

Final Thoughts

If you are one of those people who thinks that marketing is not a good thing for your business, then we hope that in order to grow your business and flourish in the future, you have to advertise your business. Because word of mouth is limiting your business and holding you back from getting what your goals are. Marketing and advertising are the best investments to obtain your goals.

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