Before Getting Deep Into The Digital Marketing For Fintech Companies We Need To Know What Fintech Companies Are? As Digital Marketing Is Changing The Marketing World In The Same Way Fintech Companies Are Doing For The Financial Sector.

Fintech Companies Are Proving To Be A Boon For Financial Sector Because They Are Providing Latest And More Advanced Features For Financial Sector

So That It Can Be Easily Accessed By The Customers Of Users Around The World. We Have Many Examples Of Fintech Companies Like Paypal, Paytm, Instamojo, And Many More Which Are Enhancing The Lives Of Humans Around The World.

With The Implementation Of Some Simple But Effective Marketing Strategies,

You Can Ensure That Your Fintech Company Will Be On Top Of Your Expectations And Will Perform As Per Your Wish.

Likewise Other Marketing, We Have A Fintech Marketing Which Is A Sum Of Marketing Strategies Specially Designed For Financial Technologies.

Fintech’s Immense Influence Proves That The Funding In Fintech Industry Has Seen

A Rapid Growth In The Recent Years And Will Have The Same Effect In The Years To Come Predicted By Q3 – 2018. The Industry Has Some Serious Growth Of Funding By 82% From The Previous One.

We Have Collected Some Facts & Figures Regarding Fintech Industry Which You Will Love To Know –

  • Industry Has Gone Up To New Level Of Success With Its Funding Reaching To 32.6 Billion By 2018
  • New Areas Are Coming Into Competition Like South America & Africa
  • Emergent Areas Like Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Technology ( DLT ) As Well As Digital Identity Are Gaining Attraction
  • Market Is Growing To Be More Advanced & Full Of Competition In The Upcoming Years

Being In The Finance Sector,

There Are Many Ways & Sources For Them To Gain Profits Like They Can Charge Directly To Their Users. Subscriptions Are Charged At Flat Fees Making Them Free From Third Parties Integration & Making Transactions More Reliable & Secure.

Here Are Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Need To Take A Look For Fintech Companies

  • Content Quality
  • Be Present Near To Your Customer
  • Local SEO Is One Time Solution
  • Increase Visibility Through Content
  • Collect Trustworthy Links
Content Quality 

Content Is Predicted As A Foundation Of Your Marketing Strategy. It Is Important Because It Creates Awareness In Your Targeted Community For Better Engagement And Conversion. If You Want To Increase Your Brand Awareness Then You Need To Work On Your Content Because Content Is The King And Will Help You In Dominating Competitors In The Market.

If The Quality Of Your Content Is Very Much Impressive Then It Can Impact Your Conversion Rate Because Then Your Visitors Will Visit And Read With Their Full Potential.

High-Quality Content Can Give You Various Benefits Like Backlinks, Visitors Who Are Ready To Convert Etc.

It Also Helps In Page Ranking Factors Like The More People Will Click On Your Website,

The CTR Will Increase, And Google Will Notice Your Website In A More Respectful Manner. The Secret Behind Ranking On Top Is To Get Favourable According To Google’s Guidelines And Acting According To It.

Be Present Near To Your Customer

Giving Services To Your Customers Are The Most Important Aspect Of Successful Business Because It Helps In Retaining Customers. Providing Best Services Increases Your Chances Of Growth.

We All Call It “ Be Present Near To Your Customer

“ Because The Main Mantra Behind Successful Business Is – Client Servicing On A Right Pitch & Right Path. It Helps In Getting Overview Of The Market As Well As The Strategies Which Our Competitors Are Using. 

Making Strategies By Observing Competitors Result Can Lead You In A More Comfortable Zone Because Then You Can Easily Work On Your Weaknesses. Knowing Your Customers Can Give You More Defined Lead As Well As Business On Which You Can Work On. Understanding Your Customers Is The Key Point Of Making Your Business Successful As Well As Rocking.

Local SEO Is A Very Famous Term Used For Search Engine Optimization Done On Local Level. This Type Of SEO  Is Very Famous Among People Who Are Searching For Having Local Intent To Buy Or Choose Services Locally.

Before Serving Internationally It Is Needed To Serve On A Local Level And There Is The Role Of Local SEO Comes Into Play. Any Business Having Local Geographical Extent Or Physical Location Can Benefit From Local SEO.

Source : Business Insider

There Are Very Simple Tricks You Can Take Care For Improving Your Local SEO Reach –

  • Update Your Mobile Number & Address At All Places
  • Mark Your Location On Map
  • Provide Your Basic Informations Like Services, Working Hours Etc
  • Showcase Reviews Provided By Your Customers

The Best Example For Operating A Local SEO – Google My Business Can Be Used. This Platform Is Very Famous And Proven As It Is Used By Millions Of People Around The World.

The Interface Is Very Simple And Can Be Used By Anyone For Taking Care Of Their Business On A Local Level.

Increase Visibility Through Content

Online Content Anywhere Can Help You In Your Business Growth Whether On Website Or Social Media. It Has The Power To Impress Your Visitors Without Investing Anything And Your Visitors Can Easily Convert Into Your Customer.

It Tells What You Do And What You Can Provide To Your Targeted Audience. You Can Only Reap The Benefits Though If People See Your Content.  

Always Prefer Quality Over Quantity Because Quality Matters Not The Quantity. Start Defining Your Targeted Audience And Start To Work On That.

Having Customers Of The Same Kind Can Ease Your Burden Of Preparing Different Strategies For Different Class Of People Instead Of That,

You Need To Focus On One.

Now Comes The Engagement Part Where You Need To Be Active Among Your Customers.

The More People Talk About Your Content And Engage With It Enables Your Content To Reach A Large Community Of The Same Kind.

Collect Trustworthy Links From Competitors

Links Are Important Parts Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy Because It Helps Search Engines To Know More. Whenever A Site Gets Links From Another Site It Increases Your Chance Of Getting On Top Of Search Engines. They Researches The Amount Of Links You Are Connected To Before Assigning Rankings To That Particular Website Or Webpage.

These Links Are Also Known As Backlinks Because They Act From Backside & Build Trust As Well As Authority. Link Buildings Are The Important Aspects Of Traffic And Analyzation Of Type Of Content Present On Website. 

If Your Content Is Making Buzz Around You The It Means That You Are Working On A Right Path & Right Track, It Shows The Authority, Credibility Or Trustworthiness. Links Are Like Vote Which Determines The Position Of Websites Or Web Pages.

So Each Time You Are Getting Link That Means You Are Getting A Vote Which Will Help You In Achieving First Rank.

If You Are On The Top Of Search Engine Ranking It Means You Are Doing Your Homework & Classwork In A Great Manner Because Achieving First Rank Is Not An Easy Task.

Above Mentioned Topics Are The Proven And Result Oriented For Your Fintech Industries And Will Surely Help In Digital Marketing For Your Fintech Company. You Can Try It For Fast Results But The Secret Behind This Is – Consistency.

Innovations Need To Be Done For Mobile Devices

Now Humans Are Mobile Addicted It Means That They Are In Close Contact With Mobile Phones, None Other Can Impress Them Other Than Mobile. But For Digital Startups These Are The Chances To Take Benefit From Because As Much As User Will Give Their Time On Mobile There Will Be  A More Chance Of Conversion. 

Recent Study Shows That We Are Spending Five Hours A Day On Mobile And Apps Usage Graph Has Skyrocketed By 69% Since 2016. That’s Five Hours A Day Are Enough For Fintech Companies To Target Their Audience.

Now Question Tricks In Mind That – “ How Do You Do That? “

First, Ensure That Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly. Doing So, You Will Not Only Rank Higher But Conversion Rate Will Improve. And With 52% Of Online Search Being Done On Mobile Devices It Becomes Easier, You Really Can’t Mess.

Mobile Is All About Ease & Speed!

If You Have Irrelevant Content Or Unnecessary Pop-ups Then You Need To Care Because It Irritates Your Visitors And Forces Them To Leave Your Website As Soon As Possible.

Improve Your Social Media Presence

Social Media Is Like A Heart Of Internet, No One Can Imagine Social Media Without Internet Or Internet Without Social Media. Using It Can Improve Your Presence As Well As Conversation Taking Place With Individuals. 

The First Step You Need To Take Is Improving Your Social Media Presence And Identifying The Market – This Will Directly Impact Your Use Of Social Media And Can Identify The Time That Should Be Spent On The Stuffs. As Soon You Are Ready With Your Market Now Start To Target Specific Audience With Whom You Can Interact And Express Your Visions & Ideas To Them.

Whether It’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, Or YouTube It Is Over To You Which Platform You Are Using To Convey Messages To Your Potential Customers.

Go Bold With Branding

If You Are Looking To Showcase Your Glimpses Of Fintech Marketing, Branding Is The Place To Begin. The First Thing, As Well As The Last Thing, That People Will Interact With, Is Your Branding So You Need To Create It Boldly.

You Can Have The Best Content Available, An Attractive Social Media Strategy, And Mobile Friendly Website If Your Branding Is Executed Right. Branding Is Supposed To Be Move Around The Target And Demographic You Set, At Last – Just Set Up Your Branding Goals And Start To Implement Strategies You Have Prepared.

Fintech Industry Is Booming And You Can Easily Climb Into The World Of Financial Data To Achieve Your Goals & Make A Empire Of Billions User Love & Trust.

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