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The software sector used to be a simple company to design something that addresses customer issues, and the customers would come. Let’s look at the strategy of digital marketing for SAAS Company.

Many marketers are now operating in more mature, competitive marketplaces, where they are up against a slew of new (and bigger) rivals. Consequently, their marketing strategies are up against those of others that have spent years running and improving campaigns and landing page experiences.

Traditional Digital Marketing for SAAS marketing methods from the 2010s has proven to be unproductive. New tactics are required to meet the degree of innovation in these new services.

While certain SAAS growth hacking approaches may be based on more conventional marketing methods, the whole strategy has to be rethought, considering how different SAAS marketing is.

Some digital marketing for SAAS tactics to help you expand quicker are listed below. Let’s begin!

Digital marketing for saas

#1 Make Content Marketing a Priority

SAAS companies are in a unique position to use content marketing as a major growth strategy.

Customers that are already looking for a solution to their problem on the internet are the most likely to embrace a new SAAS platform.

They often concentrate on attributes rather than results. Today’s SAAS marketing organizations take a far more systematic approach to aligning relevant content to address the primary queries prospective clients have during the SAAS buying process.

#2 Provide free software-as-a-service trials

When it comes to employing free trials, SAAS firms are in a unique position since new customers may help move the needle in terms of recurring income.

Allowing a prospective buyer to test out your offering typically comes at little or no cost, depending on the specific product you’re selling.

There are no shipping or return shipping charges. Therefore this SAAS client acquisition technique has very minimal risk. This is a chance to highlight not only your goods but also your customer service and support.

Lead conversions to paid SAAS subscriptions may occur without further effort if the product is a good match.

#3 You should take SEO seriously

While it’s critical to optimize your blog entries for relevant, high-value keywords, you should also assess your complete website for SEO.

It’s critical to realize that SEO for SAAS platforms has the potential to generate leads into your sales funnel naturally, without the need for adverts.

On the other hand, SEO does nothing to convert leads into consumers, which is where lead nurturing comes in.

From that perspective, the ideal long-term aim of SEO is to improve ranks to the top three positions on Google search so that your SAAS firm won’t have to pay for advertisements for those particular search keywords.

#4 PPC Campaigns Should Be Awesome

Consider a PPC campaign if your content marketing strategy and SEO rankings aren’t producing enough organic search traffic and leads.

Ensure you’re utilizing the proper keywords, long-tail keywords, and variants to get your links in front of the relevant individuals at the lowest possible cost-per-click.

This is where your SAAS marketing plan should include PPC vs SEO, which means that you should use your SEO efforts to help you get top ranks for your top-performing PPC keywords or phrases.

#5 Use SAAS Review Sites to Your Advantage

As customer trust in online reviews remains stable, the number of SAAS review sites continues to expand. You could discover that prospective consumers are using these websites for hunting for software solutions.

As a result, you’ll want to make certain that your solution is well-represented on those websites. If this hasn’t already been a part of your SAAS growth plan, you’ll want to check out the leading websites, such as Capterra or G2 Crowd, to make sure you’re listed and well-represented.

#6 Improve the call to action

Simply asking your SAAS customers to test or buy your product is one of the most dependable methods to attract more of them to do so.

Examine your entire marketing plan and define the following actions you want your visitors to do after visiting your site.

After that, double-check that your CTAs are clear and visible in all of the correct locations on your sites. Make sure the request is obvious, whether you want visitors to join up for a free trial, make a purchase, download a white paper, or subscribe to your newsletter.

#7 Facebook

Many B2B SAAS marketers may believe that Facebook isn’t for them, yet it works well in the vast majority of B2B circumstances.

We enjoy the built-in lead forms you can create with Facebook, which auto-populate fields with people’s information and don’t need a landing page.

You may load a client or prospect list (emails or phones in this example), advertise to those individuals that Facebook knows, or target a “similar” population using Facebook targeting.

#8 Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-based marketing may include a variety of components, but at its core, it entails encircling a target prospect (or all workers) at a certain company in numerous ways.

Many will begin by utilizing LinkedIn to discover attractive persons and then advertise to them by targeting their employer or people with titles at their firm or zip code targeting on the Google Display Network or email marketing, and so on.

#9 Reduce the number of necessary fields in the registration process

You can experience a drop in conversion rate if your current registration flow asks users to enter in a lot of information, such as business name, role, size, and so on. Because you’re asking for a commitment (in terms of data), prospects may be unsure if your solution is worth the time and effort required to complete the registration process.


In the market, SAAS enterprises confront strong competition. As a consequence, it’s critical to devise strategies that provide outstanding outcomes.

The 9 growth techniques listed above have been shown to enhance revenue, expand the client base, and improve customer retention. Make sure to keep track of how well these methods are working and improve them for even greater outcomes.

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