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Google is one of the most prominent search engines around the globe. You will miss out on a lot of traffic if your keyword doesn’t rank highly on Google’s first page. Though ranking higher is not an easy task, your site can rank high with effort and time. An important factor for ranking higher on Google is to keep your content unique and fresh. 

As per Statcounter, Google controls 90% of the global search engine market share. For the past decade, it has held the first position as the most prominent website.

There are over 20+ social media platforms available for marketing. It has changed people’s behavior to search for information. Perhaps, these platforms haven’t reached that stage where they can replace Google.

If you are planning on setting up your online business, then there are some factors. These factors can help your business to rank higher on Google in 2022.

Factors to rank higher on Google in 2022

#1 Content is everything

Google has made an effort to rank content that is interesting and fresh. It will rank on its SERPs if your website has quality content. No matter what sort of SEO technique you use, Google searches for new content for ranking. 

You can have WordPress SEO support from a leading team. This will enhance your WordPress website’s ranking higher on Google. 

However, if you create original and peculiar content, Google will love it! 

If the content has plagiarism, then it will have an adverse impact on your WordPress site. 

For a higher ranking in Google search outcomes, you must create posts that provide value. These posts must answer the questions of your readers. 

Besides this, the length of your content does matter for ranking higher on Google. Wondering why? It is because Google prefers high-quality and quantity of content. Also, content writers must use appropriate keywords on each page. These keywords must be similar to the search intent. 

What is your search intent? It is briefly discussed below.

#2 Search Intent

Search intent is a significant factor for your content’s ranking on Google. It is also recognized as a user, audience, and keyword intent. 

For a higher ranking with search intent, you will have to figure out why the user is searching for that keyword. This will make it easier for you to know what content type you should create. 

There are four sorts of search intent. They are:

  • Navigational intent
  • Commercial investigating intent, 
  • Informational intent, and 
  • Transactional intent
  • Do some heavy keyword research.

You created a product or service website for your targeted audience. But how will they access the information? They will simply Google it. 

The next important question is what do they type in the search bar to get the information?

That is what makes your pocket full of money. The word strings that are used to build your SEO strategy are known as “keywords.”

Keyword research is an aspect of every internet marketing strategy. It makes you understand the interest of the audience. As a website owner, you must know what your target market is searching for in the search bar. You can use those keyword ideas to create content and captivate audiences. 

For instance, you must add an image alt text with at least 2 keywords. These keywords must describe what is said on the page. This will help Google figure out which website is related to another.

#3 Loading Speed of your Website

Google came up with a new metric to measure website quality in 2021. It is known as “Core Web Vitals.” This metric makes sure Google knows that you are offering an exceptional user experience. 

It will measure how fast your website page loads with response times for images and fonts. If it doesn’t load quickly, the user might not revisit your site after viewing a single page. 

Therefore, it is a significant factor in enhancing the user experience. 

#4 UX-User Experience

A good UX will help your website rank higher on Google in 2022. Besides this, Google uses RankBrain, an artificial intelligence program. It includes other ranking signals such as bounce rate, CTR, etc. These things help to assess the site’s quality for user experience. 

So, make sure that your site is alluring and running seamlessly for a better user experience.

#5 Do you know the Google Algorithm?

Google constantly updates its algorithm to provide a better search experience for its users. Therefore, it is necessary for your site to adopt new strategies suggested by Google. 

Prior to 2012, Google’s algorithm was excessively vulnerable to ranking fraud sites. These were the sites that used content and spammy links like shortcuts. To stop them, the search engine giant launched two updates. They were Panda and Penguin updates.

In May 2022, Google releases the core updates. It is still in the process of fully rolling out.

Core updates are the changes to enhance the overall search. It helps in keeping pace with the web’s changing nature. These updates are not for a particular website; instead, they are for the site’s performance.

#6 Backlinks

Do you know what the Google crawler uses to index a website? Or have you heard about the term “backlinks“?

Well, they are a significant aspect of ranking algorithms and organic traffic. 

Do note that content and backlinks go hand in hand. One backlink on web pages increases their chances of ranking on higher pages. You can rank your web pages higher by getting backlinks from the best sites.

#7 Website security

Website security has now become a prime factor for Google ranking. It makes sure that your website is encrypted by HTTPS. This encryption encrypts the data between your user’s browser and the website. 

If your website is still running on HTTP and has no SSL certificates, then this is an important update for you. 


The SEO industry is making a shift with every passing year. You will have to boost your efforts in SEO by creating content of high quality. Apart from this, a website that works well on mobile will get points from Google. 

A business owner can use the above tips to rank higher on Google in 2022. The important factor for this is “content.” It must fulfill user requirements and give genuine answers to all queries.

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