Tips To Increase Instagram Follower

Having Instagram follower isn’t just about numbers anymore. It is your online community. Having a significant number of followers is an opportunity and a responsibility. They are your honest critics and best companions.

With over 50 million creators and 25 million brand accounts on the platform, it has become difficult to grow on Instagram. But growing Instagram Follower requires patience and a solid strategy.

This blog will explore seven authentic ways to grow Instagram followers in 2022.

Instagram Follower

7 Authentic Ways To Grow Instagram Follower

#1 Writing a compelling Bio with relevant keywords

After your brand’s profile picture, your Instagram Bio is the first thing the Instagrammers notice. You must write a compelling and brand-relevant bio to encourage people to follow.

Apart from writing a call to action and contact details, you also need to mention relevant keywords that your targeted customers search for. It will increase the chances of your Instagram handle getting noticed more often.

Improving the searchability of your account will also build trust for your brand. Simply adding your brand message in your bio will not be enough. You need to connect with the visitors deeper to encourage them to follow you.

#2 Organize Giveaway contest

You might have heard organizing a Giveaway contest does not work for everyone. It is because a giveaway requires a proper strategy. Simply giving away freebies will not work for your brand in the longer term.

While organizing a giveaway, you should not overcomplicate things like adding irrelevant terms and conditions. It will discourage your followers from participating in the contest.

Remember that a giveaway is a representation of your brand. It will bring engagement to your page and create brand awareness.

While the contest is going on, you can engage with your followers to make them feel that the brand is hearing them. It is a great way to tell them that their support is appreciated.

#3 Share User-Generated Content

Before adding user-generated content, you should always define your motive. Once your goal is decided, you can ask for permission from the creator to share their content.

Sharing user-generated content is one efficient way of winning your followers’ trust.

It will develop and deepen the business relationship and improve brand loyalty. One of the top benefits of User-generated content is that it builds excellent social proof.

Apart from that, this also helps people across all demographics to trust the content generated by the actual users of the products.

Your audience wants to be heard. Sharing user-generated content tells your users that you are open to conversation with your users.

#4 Prepare a Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are used to categorize the content and make it more discoverable. Instagram has now a feature of following the hashtags as well. If you are a brand, research and find out what your target audience is looking for and incorporate those relevant hashtags into your posts.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags for each post. But adding only 3-4 hashtags relevant to your brand is enough for playing with the algorithm. Your audience likes to read meaningful and engaging captions. If your hashtags are irrelevant to the brand or the captions, they will not reach your targeted audience.

You can, later on, collect all the relevant posts with your hashtags using the social media aggregator tool and display them on your website.

#5 Use meme marketing

Comparatively, meme marketing is cheaper than the other forms of internet marketing, all you need is a good sense of humour, and you are good to go.

Given how popular memes are among the Gen z, it is alluring to imagine how wild engagement this can bring to your page.

But before jumping into meme marketing, make sure that the memes you post align with your brand. It is always better and more cost-effective to make your memes.

Like a good joke, a meme must be delivered at the right time. You need to capitalize on the current trends and news. It will make your approach fresh and increase the virality of your meme.

#6 Collab With Influencers

Gone are the days when only big brands could afford and collaborate with influencers.

The influencers era has now enabled even small brands to collaborate with influencers and leverage the opportunity.

Influencers are niche celebrities. They can bring immense engagement to your page. It is always advisable to choose influencers wisely. You can collaborate with the influencers that are relevant to your brand.

#7 Embed Instagram feed on website

Embedding Instagram on your website helps you to build a social presence on your website. It creates a bridge between your Instagram account and your website. One of its benefits is that your users can scroll through your Instagram without leaving the webpage.

It also increases the time spent on your website, as when you embed an Instagram feed on the website for free, makes it even more engaging.

It can be easily done with the help of social media aggregator tools. These tools are easy to use and can help you manage your business single-handedly. The best part is that these tools do not even require you to learn to code or hire a developer. You can also customize the social media widget according to your desire. It will help you to increase the average time spent on your website.

Embedding an Instagram feed on your website provides a seamless connection between your Instagram account and your website.


With around 25 million brands and creators, growing organically on Instagram is a challenge these days. While paid marketing is paving the way for becoming a go-to marketing tool, putting your time and money into organic marketing is a long-term and best investment.

As a brand or a creator, you must keep your eyes open and not be sleeping on the opportunity to hit your Instagram Follower goals. It can be overwhelming at times, but taking baby steps will make you consistent.

The above-mentioned tactics are some of the best ways to grow on Instagram. You can use these tips for visible growth, brand awareness, engagement, and brand loyalty.

You can either adapt to marketing trends or get obsolete. There’s no in-between.

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